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Q:  How does work for teachers?
A:  We know how uncertain it can be for relief teachers, wondering
whether they will have sufficient work and how to advise schools
whether they are available or not. can solve that problem.  We let the schools you have selected know when you are available and what your teaching profile is.  This is all the information they need to make the best choice.

Q:  How does work for schools?
A:  We know how hard it is trying to run a busy school, and how stressful it can be finding relief teachers.  Working the phones weekends and evening is both time consuming and inefficient. can minimise this workload.  We offer a fast, secure and minimal cost method of securing the best relief teacher available with the least amount of effort.

Q:  What does it cost for schools?
A:  The annual registration fee is $50.  However, to encourage as many schools as possible to register, the fee will be postponed for six months from date of joining so you can use the service without any obligations.  There is no daily charge to use the service or to book relief teachers so your costs are minimal and predictable.  A GST invoice will be sent one month prior to anniversary.

Q:  What does it cost for teachers?
A:  The annual registration fee is $50, however as an introductory offer this fee will be postponed for the first six months of membership.  Registration fees can be paid by credit card or cheque.  To ensure the system works efficiently relief teachers must diligently maintain their on-line calendar.

Q:  How does the teacher booking service work?
A:  keeps a database of NZ registered relief teachers including a profile of their teaching experience, specialisations, location, contact details and most importantly, their availability at any given time.  Schools are able to access this information, contact the most suitable teacher, book their services and 'block out' those days in the teachers' calendar No more wasted time, no more fruitless phone calls.

Q:  How do I find the best teacher?
A:  Most schools will already have a list of teachers they usually call on to provide relief.  Schools will be able to retain this list by having a 'preferred teacher' list that can be quickly accessed.  We suggest all schools contact their regular teachers and get them to register asap.  The advantage of using  is that the school knows instantly if any or all of their preferred teachers are available.  If they are not, then the school has instant access to the complete database of teachers.  As other teachers come to work in your school you can add them to your 'preferred' list if you wish.

Q:  What happens if a school cancels a booking?
A:  A school cannot book a date in a teacher's calendar without the teacher's permission.  Likewise the school must advise the teacher if they wish to cancel the booking. 
The teacher's day is then unblocked and is available for other schools to book.

Q:  What happens if a teacher is not available when contacted?
A:  If a teacher does not block out a day in their calendar, but declines work when it is offered to them the school is advised to notify . The teacher will receive written notification of this breach of their terms and conditions.  If this occurs three times within a school year the teacher risks de-registration.  The accuracy of the teachers' calendar and their availability for work is the mainstay of this website.

Q:  Do I have to work every school day?
A:  No.  We understand that some relief teachers prefer to work only part time.  Teachers are allowed to block out as many days as they wish, at no charge. There is even a simple method of making yourself 'unavailable' on one or more days every week.  If a teacher decides at short notice, for whatever reason, that they do not want to work, they must block out those days.

Q:  Do I have to work anywhere I am requested to?
A:  No - we understand that some relief teachers prefer to work within a certain distance from home or at specific schools.  During registration teachers are asked to list certain preferences, including school type , subject specialties, schools by region and specific schools, so you can elect to work for as many or as few schools as you wish.  When schools are searching for a relief teacher your name will only be visible to those schools you have selected.

Q:  What if I am offered a long term contract by a school
A:  No problem - you can block out as many days in your calendar as you wish with no costs or penalties.  There is even a simple method of making yourself totally 'unavailable'.  If you think you might return to relieving as some time in the future you can retain your registration.  If not you can de-register at no cost. If you decide to re-register in the future a registration fee will be due.

Q:  I am trying to use the booking service to find a teacher but none are being offerred, what can I do?
A:  There are a number of reasons why you may not be presented with a list of potential teachers.
1.  There may not be a teacher available with the specialisation you have requested.  Try broadening your search by selecting more subjects in the category drop box.
2.  There may not be a teacher available for the number of days you have requested.  Try reducing your request to fewer days.
3.  There may not be enough teachers who have selected your school for possible employment.  Make sure all your regular relief teachers are registered with and that they have 'ticked' your school.

Q:  I'm a teacher, I've registered, what happens next?
A: Now you are registered, each time one of the schools which you have selected searches for a teacher,  your name and contact details will be listed, assuming you are available on the day(s). Briefly, this is what happens

1. A school searches for a reliever and sees you are available on that particular day
2. The school calls you, to confirm your willingness to work, you say yes, and they click on the "Accept" button, thus confirming the booking. 
3. An email is sent to you confirming the details of the booking. An email is also sent to the school.
4. Your online work calendar( diary page ) is automatically updated to show the booking.
Q:  As a teacher, why can't I enter bookings in my work schedule page?
A: To maintain the integrity of the booking system it is important that only schools can make bookings. This avoids any confusion over who should be making the booking. If you have already been 'booked'by a school before you registered with ask them to go on line and make the booking official.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these F.A.Q.s.  If you have any queries at all about the service please let us know by Clicking on the 'Contact us' button on the side bar and send us an email.  We will respond as soon as we are able.

 Q: Can teachers be registered with other agencies as well as

 A: yes, you are welcome to register with other agencies as some schools have a preferred supplier of RTs. The advantage of our service is that it is free of charge to schools

Q: Is your service country-wide?

A: Yes, we have all New Zealand primary, intemediate and secondary schools listed in our database so we can offer the service nationwide.